The Lady of The Layer

How it all started...

I was recently divorced, back on the dating scene, and finding myself getting lucky only (ONLY) during my 'unlucky' time of the month. I tried drinking apple cider vinegar to shorten my periods in anticipation of a hot date (it doesn't work - like, at all). I tried menstrual cups (which only floweth-ed over on the white, leather couch). I brought my own blanket with me - bulky, awkward, moved around too much, wasn't absorbent, and still (!) left a stain. I was scrubbing my sheets, his sheets, washing hotel and airbnb linens. Finally, as I sacrificed my sweater rather than ruin our guests' sparkling white towels, I decided to create something that would make my life easier. The Layer. The Layer is thin, soft, absorbent (freakishly), and waterproof (actually). Plus, no "crinkly" noises :)

It works perfectly and is perfectly sized - to whip out quickly from a bedside table at home or stash in a suitcase or overnight bag (even just a large purse)! Be good to yourself and use it at home. Be a great guest and use it while away. 

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