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The Layer - above the sheets and under you when you wanna get down so nothing gets through!

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Bring The Layer with you - discretely

Absorbent, Waterproof, Soft, Durable, & Noiseless

The Layer - Black

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Travel Clutch

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Customer Testimonials & True Stories

"I like the round shape and that it's very thin. It's nice to be able to fold this up, tuck it away in a drawer and not have a bulky blanket." - Lindsay C.

"I just wanted to let you know I received my order! And let me tell you! Not only do I love it, my bed appreciates it! Thank you so so so much for making something not only useful but comfortable and quiet! My husband and I have guardianship of my autistic brother. And let me tell you. He has no issue telling everyone everything he hears...and the best one so far was at thanksgiving last year out of nowhere he blurts out, 'they have puppy pads in their room but we don't have a puppy!' I was mortified. My grandmother almost choked on her potatoes. This will help so much! - Lisa D.

"The Layer has been perfect! Nothing gets through and I can hardly tell it's there. It's so simple to clean and reuse. What a dream not to have to change and wash my sheets constantly!" - Stephanie B.

" I used The Layer blanket for the first time last night with my one partner that has magic fingers. We used to have to change sheets, mattress covers, and occasionally move to the guest bedroom multiple times in a night due to the volume output from squirting. Last night he picked up the blanket and carried it around asking, "WHERE DID IT GO?!" We are both super impressed by this, and it's going to save us lots of loads of laundry!" - Elle P.

"I can't tell you how helpful this beautifully made item is. We stayed in a few different Airbnbs and never once had to worry about leaving our 'mark'. Not only does it work great, it looks great! I take it with me on every trip :)" - Julie K.

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"The Layer saved my bedroom from looking like a Jackson Pollock piece"

The Layer really comes in handy!

Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher, discuss The Layer - at length - on their podcast, "The Endless Honeymoon"

It would be indecent to show what actually ends up on The Layer. BBQ fixin's, however, prove to be a good demo ;)

The Layer fits in the glove compartment!

Sex Blanket on Bed

That's what she said - and we didn't pay her to say it

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Peekaboo Collins, sexy IG personality, and author who is into "smut, sex toys, and self love" reviews The Layer waterproof sex blanket, looking sultry and smart in her living room in Brooklyn, Peekaboo travels with The Layer on all her sexy, hot dates

Peekaboo Collins gettin' down on The Layer

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Your Period Called is the one stop shop for period stories and learning, on IG @yourperiodcalled, reviewed and loved The Layer waterproof sex blanket made with soft, organic, absorbent, black cotton fleece, noiseless, machine wash, machine dry, durable

Your Period Called (and loved The Layer)!

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Phallophile reviews call The Layer waterproof sex blanket their new favorite sex accessory, recommended over the Liberator Fascinator Throw, cleaner, more absorbent for squirting, solution to cum stains or any sexy mess, don't sleep in the wet spot

Phallophile reviews the Layer for squirting!

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