The Lady of The Layer and How it All Started

Lady of the Layer


It all started when ...

I was divorced, back on the dating scene, and found myself experiencing a truly odd streak of getting lucky only (and I mean only) during my 'unlucky' time of the month. I tried drinking apple cider vinegar to shorten my periods in anticipation of a hot date (it doesn't work). I tried a menstrual cup - it tipped - which would have left a royal gush on the white leather couch had it not been for my swift, ninja-like moves up and over to the loo. On a couple of occasions, I brought my own blanket with me - which was bulky, awkward, slid around, and actually smeared stains all over the place. And rather than leave an embarrassing mess, I spot-cleaned sheets, hotel & airbnb linens and towels, and on more than a few occasions - sacrificed my sweaters. I got fed up and decided to create something for period sex that I could use at home and tuck away for trips that wouldn't take up too much space in my overnight bag (or glove compartment - car sex is awesome ;)). That is how The Layer came to be. Best part is - it has proven to be so practical for so many situations beyond period sex! There are so many types of wet spots and we all make them. No one should sleep in it or deal with it during the afterglow ;)