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Swagger Magazine's Product Guide for the BEST SEX OF YOUR LIFE!!

We know our sex toys here at The Layer and there were a few on Swagger Magazine's product guide that had us tilting our heads!! This list of sex toys is a damn fine one and we are thrilled to be included! See the full product guide here:

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That's What She Said and We Didn't Pay Her to Say It!

This here is a stellar, honest, and unpaid review of The Layer, by master word-weaver, Demeter deLune. We like her style and asked if she'd give The Layer a try. Some kind of homework, huh? Read all about the shenanigans she put The Layer through. You already know she loved it - but it sure is fun reading why... ;) While you're at it, browse around on for more from Demeter. Demeter has been writing stories her whole life and is now sharing her "deepest, darkest secrets in story form, and sexual education pieces".  Read Demeter's incredibly thorough review here:

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The Eloquent Elle :)

I sold sex toys, lubes, books, gear and aids for years and the Layer is one of my favorite personal items for sex play and work. As a minimalist traveler and sex worker with a hyper libido, I include The Layer into my sex play and work tool kit quite often. Travelers, pornmakers, and some disabled folks might like the extra barriers and discreteness of the Layer. As a sex educator who focuses on accesibility and special needs, I know that it can feel sexy and affirming to have an item that is unique and separate for playtime with one’s self or with their partner/s. I like that The Layer is different from my other towels and blankets, yet it’s...

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