The Eloquent Elle :)

The Eloquent Elle :)

I sold sex toys, lubes, books, gear and aids for years and the Layer is one of my favorite personal items for sex play and work. As a minimalist traveler and sex worker with a hyper libido, I include The Layer into my sex play and work tool kit quite often. Travelers, pornmakers, and some disabled folks might like the extra barriers and discreteness of the Layer.

As a sex educator who focuses on accesibility and special needs, I know that it can feel sexy and affirming to have an item that is unique and separate for playtime with one’s self or with their partner/s. I like that The Layer is different from my other towels and blankets, yet it’s subtle and light enough to carry in my daily bag, if needed.

As a porn maker and webcammer and nude model, I love having my clean, black, absorbent surface to throw over a bed, or couch or chair, wash and travel with.

As a considerate traveler, I know it can be rude to leave silicone lube spills, menstrual blood, or semen all over the AirBnB bedding! I endorse The Layer because I know that access to comfort and hygiene practices can help fight shame and embarrassment about natural desires and functions. Get one for yourself or your favorite webcammer! I’m happy to support the layer and receive a gratuity from your purchase.

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